About O2 Solutions®

O2 Solutions® was formed in 2004 by a female respiratory therapist with the goal of providing professional care on a personal and patient-conscience level.

We didn't start our business as a pharmacy, gas company, nursing agency, infusion or wheelchair company. Quality Home Respiratory Care has never been an afterthought or secondary - it is the foundation and focus of O2 Solutions®! We adhere to the philosophy "Stick with what you know...and do what you know best!"

Mission Statement

O2 Solutions® is determined to exceed current home health service standards through the delivery of comprehensive home care services utilizing technical advancements, clinical excellence, focus and patient care, and cost efficiencies to excel far above the needs of our patients.

Vision Statement

O2 Solutions® will continue to strive to set standards of excellence and performance within the home health care industry by adhering to the patient care focus above all else while maintaining strict, ethical buisness practices in order for our company to continue to serve our patients and clients for years to come.

If you are looking for a company that will customize to your needs and be a proud partner in your patient care, please consider O2 Solutions®.

Let us introduce you to our friendly and competent staff:

Janet Patrizio
Janet Patrizio, RRT, NPS
37 years experience
Mike LaFrank
Michael LaFrank
Board of Directors
Jim Lawson
Jim Lawton
Inside Director
Patricia Johnson
Wendy Koreman
Office Manager
Josh Rutnik
Patricia Johnson, RN
VP Sales & Marketing
36 years experience
Chrissie Gallant
Nicole Delsignore
CPAP & Sleep Coordinator
Medical Assistant
Anna Tirino
Becky Curigliano
Customer Service Representitive
Anna Tirino
Anna Tirino, CRRT
15 years experience
Anna Tirino
Paul Mier, RRT, MBA
Director of Respiratory
Chrissie Gallant
Oscar Berthiaume
Service Technician

We have many other therapists at O2 Solutions®, please contact us for more info or stop by to meet our additional staff!